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If you’re interested in defending our Second Amendment rights, you've come to the right place. 

The gun grabbers will be expecting business as usual in Sacramento...

These elitists have already seriously eroded our gun rights, chipping away at legal options for gun owners, banning one feature at a time. 

Standard components from folding stocks to flash suppressors have been deemed “evil features.”

CAGR has long-term plans to reverse the harm to gun rights done by Bloomberg-style rhetoric when our rights hit the ballot.

We will mobilize patriots across the state with mail, e-mail, internet advertisements, and even television ads when necessary -- and blindside the gun grabbers in Sacramento.

They may never see the light, but they can feel the heat.

But program like this is not cheap.

If we are going to fight the Second Amendment infringements coming from all sides, we need you to be as generous as possible.

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